04 August 2009

Metal Attraction

Cyborg can fight, but can they love and hate? Why can't a cyborg question his creator like men question God?
Here are two trailers for the upcoming Hong Kong action film Metal Attraction: Kung Fu Cyborg. Directed by the old-timer Jeffrey Lau, the movie looks like a weird mix of Transformers and Iron Man, which is exactly what he had in mind. According to Lau, the film is a sci-fi romantic comedy with kung fu action, and features a cyborg that apparently can turn himself into all kind of things and even swallow a rocket. The CGI effects look pretty cheap and the story seems very cheesy, but it looks like it can be fun to watch. The cast includes former professional swimmer turned pop star Fong Lik Sun, and also big martial arts star Wu Jing.
The first teaser is better cut and more attractive to the action fans, the second is longer and slower, but with English subtitles.

Source: official website. Second trailer below.

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