12 August 2009

Have You Got a Nickel?

Found this footage from The Gong Show, dated back in '78. It was pretty much the predecessor of the popular talent shows of today, proving once again that there is absolutely nothing original on TV for a long time now, only different wrapping.
Anyway, the show was hosted by famous public figure Chuck Barris, that later wrote autobiography that became a movie Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, first film directed by George Clooney. Loving controversial comedy and sometimes being a provocateur, Barris fooled TV censors by false presentations of the contestants and filmed following bit for the show, creating outrageous responses from many viewers.

Later he confessed that the girls were only 17 years old, and I think the girl on the left didn't really understand what's with all the noise about her licking a Popsicle. But the girl on the right looks like she knows exactly what she is doing. The show was a daytime broadcast, with makes it even more funny.
Apparently there was another controversial moment, when the female judge that gave these girls a 10, Jaye P. Morgan, flashed her breasts during the show.

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