12 August 2009

Meet Big Jerry

Cast member of Inglourious Bastereds Michael Fassbender told in recent interview how Tarantino amused himself on the set of the film.

Big Jerry was a giant purple dildo, very large in girth and length. Basically, anybody that was caught going to sleep would get photographed with Big Jerry the dildo somewhere near their face and put up on the Board of Shame. The idea was three strikes and you're out.

This kind of really worried me because I have a tendency to nap. If I have ten or 15 minutes you'd find me in a corner underneath something but I never got caught.

Brad [Pitt] was up there once on the Board of Shame, Gedeon Burkhard got caught twice, Diane [Kruger] was on the board... There was a lot of people on that board.

This dildo prank is a usual thing on the sets of Tarantino, he does it every time he is filming a movie, but I don't think we ever saw the actual photos. Well, the box office expectations are pretty low for his latest film, so promotional department is trying everything to get people to be aware of the movie, and someone decided to release couple of them.

There are some pretty funny photos on that wall, I guess other actors just didn't agree to release them in bigger format.

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