01 August 2009

Luckiest Man Alive

Seth Rogen was Friday night on Jimmy Kimel show to promote his latest film Funny People, and shared with the viewers one of his most humiliating moments.

The honey on the cover of Playboy is Hope Dworaczyk, and you can watch short video from the photoshoot here.


  1. Thats pretty funny...who needs megan fox anyway...she seems like a stuck up bitch (not i would turn her down though lol)

  2. Well, she was 21 and it was her first talk show promoting her first movie, I am sure she didn't notice what just happened, and realized it only a few seconds later. She is getting better and more mature though. I've read in number of sources that at comic con she was very nice to everybody, taking pictures with fans and stuff, so I wouldn't form my final opinion on her yet, she is going to change even more in the next few years.

    It will be very interesting to see what is going to happen with her in the future. Usually girls like her can't hold too long and after 30 they can't get movies anymore, and all these tattoos doesn't help either. But I don't remember anyone like this, with all that attention, in a while. It's really crazy, even Jolie wasn't like that until 25-26.