22 August 2009

No, it's just my tail

After seeing the presentation of Avatar, I have to say that the trailer doesn't do this movie any justice. 3D is really adding some special dimension to the film, it is very pleasant to watch it. The visual images are astounding, this is really enormous effort in every aspect and the result is detailed and attractive visual virtuosity. Avatar in 3D is pure and compelling escapism, blurring all senses and pulling you into this fake world. It feels like a dream and you don't want to wake up.
And maybe it's unique 3D again, but nothing in the film feels like animation or computer graphics. This is probably the biggest achievement of the film, everything looks completely real. Flying bugs, the trees in the forest, the animals and the aliens look very tangible and touchable.

So there is no argument on the visuals and the entertainment value. The plot seems to be fluid, the action is capturing and exciting, this sneak peek was an excellent promotional trick, I am pretty sure that anyone that saw this footage today will come to see the whole movie later, not mentioning that it completely shut down all the negative opinions created by the trailer.

So the only problem that still remains is what is this movie will be about. By choosing to deal with primitive tribe of aliens and emphasizing their connection with the nature, James Cameron is washing his hands from dealing with more intellectual content and allowing cheesy dialogs (Why did you save me? Because you have strong heart) and naive situations (taming dragon-a-like creature by wrestling with him and then flying on his back). On the other hand you cannot make a movie with exciting adventures about planet with aliens that discuss math and physics all day long.
But I can see already that the main point of the story will be aliens living in harmony and peace with each other and their world, managing to survive without technology, unlike humans. Expect more environmental preaching, global warming, endangered species and whatnot. Cameron is also trying to remove any sexual references from his film. Tall half naked aliens are anything but sexy, females don't even have noticeable breasts, there is zero sexual energy, well only if you consider riding a dragon by holding prolonged sprouts on his head as something sexual. James Cameron is maybe the king of the world, but he is not controlling MPAA rating system, so as suitable for PG 13, don't expect any sexual depravity or hot blue sex.

But despite the childish content, working exclusively on emotions and not involving much of brain activity, the visual beauty and imagination of the film with its fast action will be appealing enough to ignore the obviously embarrassing and tearful situation, and enjoy this film as pure fantasy. See you in December.

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