21 August 2009

The Emperor's New Clothes

There. As the poster ironically indicates, this film is from the director of Titanic. And although I think the trailer is fine and it's really a movie to see on the big screen, somehow I am still not impressed. I'll give one example why.
Sam Worthington is the guy on the wheel chair, and someone transfers him into alien body. And how it is done? He enters the machine, some dude plays with the buttons, then we see some kind of a moving and flashing vortex, and voilà! He is looking through the alien's eyes. Now, how stupid is that? Flashing and fast moving vortex? Really? I've never seen one used in such connection in movies before.
It seems to me, that with all the effort on the visual side, no one actually though about the story, which seem like collection of cliches.
Cartoonish or photo-realistic, the biggest concern for me right now is the possibly stupid story. Because Beowulf, for example, was animated too, but at least it had superb story to tell.

You can watch the trailer in all formats also on this page.


  1. I agree with you. I had no problem with the CG and the look, but the story looks... underwhelming. I hope I am proved wrong.

  2. I am off to see the Avatar's footage in IMAX. According to people that already saw it, it leaves better impression than the trailer. We'll see.