21 August 2009

I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti

The big winner of yesterday is this trailer for The Wolf Man, and not because it's so special, but simply because Avatar's trailer is getting overwhelming number of negative responses. Yes, whoever decided to release this trailer in the same day Cameron uplifted the secrecy from his over-hyped project and revealed his spectacle, has made great decision, knowing that all the attention will be focused exclusively on Avatar. Instead of having it scrutinized by the hordes of Internet self proclaimed critics, The Wolf Man went relatively unnoticed just because of that, making vague first impressing and receiving generally favorable reviews. And it's not like it's flawless, but it was smart enough not to draw too much attention.

Anyway, this trailer exposed what we have known already - that Anthony Hopkins can be the creepiest person ever and he doesn't need any makeup and special effects to throw a chill down your spine just with laugh, that Hugo Weaving is simply fantastic, that Benicio Del Toro knows how to make sad faces with deep expression, and that Emily Blunt looks like radish. This will not be the most memorable movie you'll ever see, hell, I'll be surprised if I'll remember it the morning after, but it will be worth the time you'll waste watching it.

More HD formats at this link.


  1. This movie didnt really catch my attention...but damn after watching this i'm really looking forward to it. I agree Hopkins is awesome as a creepy guy. His part in Fracture was also very good. If its gonna be memorable or not...i guess we'll see. But i'm pretty damn sure it will be more memorable than Transformers 2 lol

  2. The actors will pull this film up. Same movie with less familiar actors will go straight for DVD, but this one can actually be nice to watch.