04 September 2009


Coming from Russia and previously known only as Antikiller 3, this new addition to highly popular series of crime/action films is getting new distribution company, new name, new posters and now new trailer.

First film was named simply Antikiller, and it was refreshing piece of abstract action and almost surreal visuals, drawing inspiration from Hong Kong crime cinema and having the spirit of Korean gangster films, but still managing to be original and authentic. Showing the world of organized crime, with prison jargon and power struggles between the crime groups, the film was anarchistic display of hyperactive action with multiple scenes of long shootouts and mass fighting. It was action for the sake of action, and the movie really took it to the limits.
The sequel, Antikiller 2: Antiterror, that came out one year later, was a different story. Affected by the Moscow theater hostage crisis, the film focused on the fight against the terror, promoting patriotic message of national unity. And although it was still inspired by the HK cinema, the movie felt heavy and pointless, it had no spark and no craziness like the first one did.

And now third film in the series (probably not the last one) is coming our way, and since it's predecessors were very popular outside of Russia as well, I suspect this one too will get international attention. It will be called Antikiller D.K: Love Without Memory, where D.K stands for Danil Koretsky, the writer of the crime novels that these movies are based on.
So the new film will continue the story of Lis, the main protagonist, as he continues to work in Police force, where his superiors are having problems with his non-traditional methods and close relationship with his criminal friends. Lis is also having personal problems, as his wife leaves him and he is slowly losing his mind, therefore he is admitting himself to the psychiatric clinic, where he feels comfortable as he hides from reality. But some major events happen in the city, forcing him out to be involved in investigation of a bank robbery. Not expecting where will this lead him, Lis will have brutal encounter with his dark past, that he wants to forget, but it will also turn his life around.

Early trailer was already released last winter (you can watch it here), but now new promotional campaign has been started towards theatrical release, and it will include number of new trailers, showing different sides of the movie. So here is the first one, focusing on action side, although in my opinion it is not as effective as the old trailer is. Nevertheless.

Official website also available.

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