19 September 2009

Don't touch my bazooka

Second trailer, much more effective, for From Paris with Love. And this time with bazooka.

Thanks to Blumpkin King for the link with all HD formats.

And just if you wondered who is that hot lady in the trailer, with such unique facial bone structure, then here is your answer. She is Kasia Smutniak, Italian model/actress with Polish origins, and what a joy, she is not ashamed to show off her body.


  1. The 2nd trailer was better, looks like a great movie.
    Kasia is very beautiful, she looks much better when she's not that tan though.

  2. Second trailer is better, yes, I think it's pretty much unanimous opinion. The film will be a step up for this director, and I already predicted before that Tom Cruise will want him for his Mission Impossible 4, the guy has sixth sense for directing action.