19 September 2009

I couldn't find a golf club

Just finished watching last season of Weeds. I know, it's a few weeks after the actual broadcast of the finale, but some shows I like to wait until they end their season run and watch all episodes in marathon. This way I have more continuous watching experience without waiting the whole week between the episodes, especially with such short episodes that this show has.
So I watched it and I was very pleased to see, that after relatively weak fourth season, the show improved a lot and became funny again. Kevin Nealon is so freaking hilarious as Doug. He is very funny in any situation, but his incredible chemistry with Andy Milder (Dean), that was neglected for too long, is the best. But they finally got together again, and after slamming the drawers, dipping the balls and playing Memento, we can see that these two were meant to be together, hopefully forever, causing us uncontrollable seizures of laughter.
Fucked up Celia got off the drugs just to get on the power trip, explaining to the innocent waitress that the cow goes "moo", Andy finally got to play with real doctor (Alanis Morissette, no less. Respect), Shane is proving once again he is ready to try anything (jumping to the deep end, ha?), Silas is irrelevant and boring as usual, but harmless, and Nancy just don't struggle anymore. She stopped swimming and just floating, desperately collecting pieces of her life into some structure, trying to create some sort of a shape out of her life, to make it at least look normal, just to watch it explode and crash few minutes later time after time.

And it is no Weeds without awesome and memorable one time supporting characters. The cursing Asian lady with the cat, that got beaten by the local cop, crazy Lucha Libre Ignacio, with strange ability to bust steel doors, creepy twin sisters, and future star Seychelle Gabriel as Esteban's sexy and elitist, heroin junkie daughter.

Great season overall, and really great finale. Celia is getting a team that is too good to be true, Andy simply blew it, Shane made it big time, Michael Corleone style, and Nancy is getting into even bigger mess. Can't wait for the next summer.

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