24 October 2009

Chasing Storms

The Balloon Boy controversy is still hot topic in the news, with latest confirmations that it was a hoax after all, like many suspected. And as any other big story, suddenly all kind of weirdos are popping out of nowhere, claiming they know the Heene family and how the Balloon Boy's parents are desperately trying to get attention to themselves. Whether it's their neighbors or old co-workers, all these clowns, so easy to jump on this wagon, are clearly missing the sad irony in their actions, and I am really glad there are some people that pointing that out.
Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel did just that, but not as some simple joke for the audience like Leno would, he actually invited one of such idiots to his program and simply laughed to his face.
Watch this nice display of sarcastic abuse inflicted upon unsuspected celebrity wannabe Perry Caravello, that even got his name intentionally misspelled, who just didn't know what hit him. The clip is edited because there were number of stops during this interview, when Kimmel, that couldn't keep his face straight himself, was just talking about something else and making Caravello wait, which made the whole thing even funnier.

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