15 October 2009

Maybe we should say a prayer

It will be a long wait until Mel Gibson directs another movie, and after he raised the bar with his terrific Apocalypto, he will have to try very hard to match that level.
But in the meantime he can roll back to his "devoted father" image, that he does so well, and his "lets kick some ass with sorrow on my face" movies, that he also does so well. After tough few years and number of ugly incidents, including drunk driving, antisemitic slurs and divorce from his wife, I guess Mel deserves to catch a break.
In the Edge of Darkness he plays a homicide detective Thomas Craven, that investigates the death of his activist daughter, and uncovers not only her secret life, but a corporate cover-up and government conspiracy. Sounds familiar? It's like a mash-up of his previous movies. Again he loses a member of his family, again some secret conspiracy, again he is fighting alone against the whole world.
Oh well, lets not get petty on him, besides, awesome Ray Winstone and cool Danny Huston are in the film, so you know, open mind.

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