15 October 2009

Omens and Divinations

"A story breaking now, as emergency crews are following the helium balloon drifting hundreds of feet in the air, believing that 6 years old Falcon Heene is trapped inside the box attached to it. Falcon's older brother told the parents and the police that just moments before the sudden lift-off of the balloon he saw him climbing inside."

"Never cry wolf" said James Cole, while Dr. Kathryn Railly was driving her car on the way to Philadelphia to find an Army of Twelve Monkeys. "I remember being very afraid for that little boy. All alone in that shaky balloon, cold and hungry... First time I was really afraid when I was a kid."
"What do you mean, when you were a kid?" asked him Dr. Railly with disbelief.
"Never mind, just a prank, a hoax. That boy is hiding in a attic."

We are all doomed.

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