10 November 2009

Double Somersault

Here is short clip from upcoming martial arts spectacle Ninja Assassin. And I finally understand what was bothering me about this film from the start - the action is mostly acrobatics, jumps and flick flacks, but no harsh and graphic punches. While more realistic style of fighting is getting more popular in movies, Bourne trilogy and Taken, this film seems to deal with gymnastics and dance like choreography. It can still be kick-ass entertainment, but now I can see how it could be more childish. Cage fighting it is not. You know what I mean?

1 comment:

  1. What's really bothering me about this is the CGI and the plot.

    Why can't I see the movie where he's a ninja the whole time, and not just a renegade on the run?

    It look way too hokey.

    The Wachowski Bros. are done.