10 November 2009

Fantastic Lady Fox

Source - Megan-Fox.Net


  1. That's a nice color for a Ford Focus.

  2. :)
    I guess you are not a fan. Well, me personally, I like the way she is changing by growing up. Maybe eventually she'll be worth something.

  3. I'm just waiting for her to do the nudity thing.

    I just saw Jennifer's Body- what a painful film to watch.

    Actresses like Fox have two choices- do the nudity early and get it over with, or wait it out like Halle Berry to have a nice career resurgence.

    I would like to see her in a few more things because I think Michael Bay is running out of ways to shoot her. I think he's already bored of her.

  4. Nude is good. And I doubt she will get good roles at any point.

    Now she is young and hot, so it's horror and action films, some superhero movies too.

    After 30 it's the romantic comedy time, something about dogs probably, or weddings, or both. Brainstorm - she is an organizer of a dog's weddings, and falls in love with the dogs owner, but he is married, or gay! Now that's a 100 million dollar idea.

    And after 40 it's TV roles. A lawyer on Law & Order (yes, this show will run forever), or some housewife for a cop with special ability to read minds, or something like that. CBS probably.