11 November 2009

Let the games begin

First teaser for anticipated Kick-Ass. I am guessing this is just introduction teaser and other trailers with more action will come out soon. Right now the release date for the film is in mid April next year.

Other HD versions of this - 720p and 1080p


  1. I like this as a trailer, a lot, but I hope that this voice over isn't in the movie. Seems unnecessary.

    Can't wait to see Nic Cage in this. I miss him in good stuff.

  2. I am afraid of too much hype for this film. I already saw an article with header "Is Kick Ass the best Comics adaptation of all time?".
    It starts with the praising and all kind of excitement, but it takes the whole movie to a wrong direction, creating false expectations.

  3. There are a lot of reviews hitting the internet that are saying the same thing.

    It might be time to forget about this one and wait for it to come out. I'll only end up being disappointed.

    But if they can get a similar feel to the first half of Wanted and keep it going, I'm interested.

    I'm also impressed that this is more or less an independent production compared to other superhero movies- hopefully it will push more people to make smaller films like this.

  4. Now "independent production" is not what it used to be. It wasn't sponsored by any of the big studios, and many films are also like that. If they are any good the studio buys them later.

    Plan B is a strong studio, Brad Pitt owns it. They did Troy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Departed and have some really big productions in the future - they are going to make The Odyssey, yes the famous one by Homer.

    And Matthew Vaughn, the director, is really far from being a newbie. Kick-Ass estimated budget is 70 mil, this is not a small movie.