02 November 2009

Pirates of Persia

First trailer for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time leaked online today in terrible quality, two weeks before its scheduled premiere, forcing the studio to release it officially and with HD quality, like if they were planing to do it anyway.
So what about the trailer itself? It's pretty awesome. Lots of special effects, slow motion and frantic camera movements, but for the summer fantasy movie it looks very decent. Jerry Bruckheimer did it again, this time with English accent.


  1. I think this movie will fit in nicely next summer, but to be honest I think I'm more excited for Clash of the Titans.

    This looks a little too much like the Scorpion King mixed with a little bit of Assassin's Creed, and the color palette is a little extreme on the yellow end. Also, this looks to have the most visual effects I've seen in a movie recently.

    Jake has never struck me as a fun hero type, but hopefully he managed a few jokes instead of being his usual dour self.

    I'm reminded of a great family guy bit
    here's the video:

    and here's the audio:

  2. I think he comes through just nice, it's a new kind of action hero, you know, for the girls. Is Shia LaBeouf can pull it off, sure can Jake.
    And it does look too orange/brownish, makes Gemma look like she is made out of bronze, but it's a freaking desert.
    I prefer not to underestimate this film, it has been in production for several years, they sure took their time to polish everything. I am pretty sure it will be better than most of this year summer films.