12 November 2009

Top Gun

Found this demo reel footage for the Kerosene Cowboys, Hollywood co-production with Russian producers. Such collaborations is nothing new, over the years many action films with C-list Hollywood actors were filmed and distributed in Russia, usually not making it to the American market due to the poor quality of the films. I guess this one is different by being sponsored with US money. As result the movie has English as spoken language and large American cast with familiar faces. Mario Van Peebles, known better as an actor, is directing the movie. Here is synopsis:

In 2001 in Iraq, two American NAVY pilots - Butch Masters (Cam Gigandet) and Tom Craig (Shane West) - are ordered to bomb an abandoned plant. The order appears to be false and American experts get killed in the plant. A secret chemical device, called "Rainmaker", designed for oil fields destruction, gets stolen. Military court cannot prove pilot's intention, and gives them dishonorable discharge.
After 7 years Craig is reach and famous. He manages a private pilot team, working for Top Gun and for movies. Masters is a "grease monkey" in a small airport. He still tries to investigate his old case, and dreams of his own pilot's team. In order to get a license to fly Russian jets, Masters goes to St.Petersburg, where he meets old friends and new problems.
At the same time, Kurdish terrorist group plans to capture a part of Northern Iraq and found a new Kurdish state there. They plan to use "Rainmaker" to destroy oil fields there and make the territory uninteresting for Americans. Terrorist's base is located in Northern Iran, and cannot be reached by US military.
NAVY intelligence offers Masters to "clean his name" by performing a secret "off-records" mission to Iran with a team of retired pilots. Using unmarked planes, they have to bomb the base and destroy "Rainmaker".
Doomed to death, betrayed by friends, left in Syrian desert, Masters and his team finds unexpected support from a side of "Russian Knights" jet fighter aerobatic group. Russians and Americans go to final battle side by side, and leave no chance to terrorists...

As you can see the plot is pretty lame, unsurprisingly, but it's an action film, and the footage looks decent enough. The release is planned in about a year from now, also in US, but just before that I would strongly suggest to change the name to something less strange and less ugly. The working title "Sky Knights" sounds much better.

More info and pics on the official website.

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