12 November 2009

Shoot to Kill

Here comes new French trailer for the Spanish horror [REC] 2, and it hints better at what we may see in the film. It looks that the priest, living on the top floor, returns to start explaining shit, police enters the house to take control over the situation, some young kids find a way to enter the building with their own camera and Angela, the reporter from the first film, is returning as well. The premise sounds very good, but according to the first responses from people who've seen it already, the film is actually not that exciting. It's almost a wide consensus that this is far less impressive than the first film, but still ok. I guess I'll wait to see it by my myself to decide.
By the way, I saw Quarantine, the American remake of the first movie, and it's bad. That was completely incompetent work on all levels, including embarrassing acting and some terrible decisions by director.


  1. oh yess..i love the first...and this sequel is more scary for me!!!

    hello from brazil!!!