13 November 2009

The kids ain't right

Don't mind the overly gruesome poster, this film is still in post-production and nothing is final yet. Say hi to Tucker & Dale vs Evil, a new horror comedy starring Alan Tudyk (Firefly) and Tyler Labine (Reaper), both starting to develop a serious fan base recently. In the movie they play two hillbillies going on vacation in the woods and mistakenly accused of being killers by the group of college kids camping nearby. Which leads to number of accidental and funny deaths.
This is simply feels like a great idea. As oppose to serious slashers, in which bunch of stupid kids running for their lives and behave like they've never seen a horror movie before, the kids in this film probably have an overdose of watching slashers. Such overdose, that they will suspect every hillbilly with a beard and a scythe as a brutal murderer. In their defense, Tucker and Dale do look very suspicious and have a bit of bad luck, so I can see why the confusion. I guess cultural differences is to blame.
I don't think there is a release date right now, and it's possible that the initial plans were to make it straight to DVD. But the trailer is getting some minor buzz on the web, hopefully it will translate into more attention and eventual theatrical release.

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