14 November 2009

I had a flashback from Above the Law

I've already mentioned before that Steven Seagal is doing a reality TV series about the cops, and I am glad to see this is still going as planned. Steven Seagal: Lawman is going live in a few weeks and here is another chance to see the sample of what we can expect from this masterpiece.

Personally, I can't stop laughing every time he says something, his physical appearance only is freaking hilarious. All that spiritual mambo jumbo, trash talk or simple friendly patting on the cheek of the fellow officer is absolutely hysterical when he does it. Some people are unintentionally funny on occasion, but Steven here, does it all the time. Give this man a sheriff's badge.
More info and more video clips about the show - on the A&E Network website.

And if Steven Seagal we are talking about, here is the trailer for his next upcoming feature film A Dangerous Man, previously known as On The Run. Straight to DVD, of course, but it doesn't affect the man, that just keeps manufacturing them like there is no tomorrow. And he keeps casting models in his films, so he is probably doing something right, no?

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